My Dream Room

Posted on September 09, 2018

My Dream Room

As I purchase more stationery items that I really need, I am running out of space to store all these required stationery items.

I have spent a bit of time on Pinterest admiring other people's stationery rooms and also dreaming about it too!

My stationery collection is currently hidden for a few reasons; my nieces- when they visit they like to rummage through all my things including my stationery collection that is visible, I don't like to visibly show my family the 'whole' collection!!! 

My dream room which would be the arts & crafts room as well as the stationery room. 

It would be the most organised room ever...!!!! 

I would have the room divided into sections one for my notebooks - all organised by size, colour & type. 

Some beautiful stationery rooms that I am in love with:

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PL LTD 27-04-2019 21:06

Love the work

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