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Posted on May 28, 2016

Detailed account of the event

The day had finally arrived for the event that I had been waiting for a long time. The day started off with delays on the Balham underground (typical London travelling), so I treated myself to a Macdonald’s breakfast. J

I arrived at the London Business Centre at 10.30am and it was very organised as I was asked for my ticket and was assisted by one of the organisers to print out my pass. I was then shown the cloak room, where I put my suitcase (as I was travelling to Birmingham after the event) and my coat.

On entrance I was given a small goody bag which consisted of a Stationery Magazine and a guide for all the exhibitors that were at the show.

As soon as I walked in I was overwhelmed with all the stationery that was in sight. The event was spread out on three floors. On entering there was a big display which had few items from each stall with information which stalls to visit for further information.

Initially I walked around the stalls, trying to see which exhibitors were at the event. I then sat down and went through the event guide and decided which exhibitors I wanted further information for my blog.

The first exhibitor I went to was ‘Go Stationery’  I recognized their designs for the Stationery at Sainsbury’s. I spoke to one of the representatives at the stall, who confirmed that their stationery is designed especially for Sainsbury’s. I was given one of their catalogues and a little notebook (See Gallery for pictures of the ‘Go Stationery’ range.

After that I went to quite a few stalls and spent time talking to the representatives:-

The ‘Envelope’ stand was very generous with freebies. They offered a nice bag, measuring tape and plenty of envelope samples.

The Artline stall had lots of very funky displays and their pens were very cool:

The pens were absolutely amazing to write and draw with and the best part were how funky they looked.

Two Little Boys- their range was really great- loved all the sayings ‘I am going to be a famous author and this is my plan’. (See Gallery for pictures)  

Overall the event was absolutely amazing –I spent a total of four hours at the event – taking pictures (see gallery).

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