Visit to London Stationery Event 2017

Posted on May 07, 2017

My visit to the event of the year

Over the last few months I have been experiencing bloggers block (does that exist – highly doubt it!). I was hoping the London Stationery Event was going to take me back into writing regular blog articles.  I definitely felt it motivated me, I met so many amazing stationery exhibitors.  The show was so much bigger than last year.

Whenever I go to events, I always walk around first and look at all the exhibitors before stopping to look at stationery in more detail. It was a lot harder this year as there was so many more stalls and I hadn’t quite recovered from holiday illnesss.

The one thing I love about this event is the different variety of stationery that is available and how popular stationery has become over the last few years.

During my visit I had the opportunity to meet the owners of Spotlight Stationery (Monthly stationery subscription boxes) where I was able to interview them (interview with Spotlight Stationery coming soon). It was lovely to meet them and they were very inspirational.

I met so many lovely people at the London Stationery Event and I was given many items to sample & review, these reviews will coming soon. Some of the samples I received were from Zebra (lovely range of their new pens), Collins (a lovely teal notebook), Papermate (range of their lovely Candy pens) and much more.

I will be aiming to upload at least one blog article a week. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

Below is the lovely goody bag that was given to every visitor. 

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