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Posted on September 17, 2017

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My really good friend is having a baby next month and myself and two other close friends took the task to organise her baby shower.

Organising a baby shower probably doesn’t focus on Stationery but my part in the organisation did!!(Joy!)

The first thing I did was find an appropriate planning notebook and I personalised it:

One of my friends hosted the baby shower in her house and we were left in charge of everything else. With a baby shower it is so easy to go crazy and overboard. Hence why it was good I wasn’t organising this on my own.

We decided on the jungle theme as the theme for the baby’s room is ‘Jungle’.  We divided the tasks between the three of us and guests, favours, games and prizes for the games were my responsibility.


We decicded to give the lovely guests popcorn bags with a tag of 'Ready to Pop', this went down very well! The tags (100) were £1.50 from Amazon and the pens used were also from Amazon - Metalic Papermania. 


I was in charge of the games and prizes.  I decided to make the prizes stationery bags. I think deep down everyone loves stationery and people like winning! They were definitely a big hit! The games we played were; baby charades, baby bingo and baby scratch cards. I had lots of games but we ran out of time.


Mum to be gift:

I decided not to buy anything for the baby as the baby will be spoilt rotten when it arrives, I purchased these really cool mugs from Amazon for the parents to be!

The baby shower was a fantastic day, the three of us worked as a great team and had an amazing day, the mum to be absolutely loved it and received so many amazing presents. The food was amazing too:

Baby’s arrival

I can’t wait for my friend’s baby to arrive and find some way of involving stationery in their little tiny life! 


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