Stylist Event in London

Posted on November 19, 2017

Stylist Event 2017

I won tickets to the Stylist Live Event 2017 which I was 50 - 50 about going and after looking into it, I realised how good it looked!

I arranged to go with my sister on a Saturday, at the Kensington Olympia. The entrance was absolutely beautiful.

They had 100’s of stalls which included food, beauty, clothes, home decorations, stationery and lots more.

Myself and my sister firstly walked around all the stalls trying to gage which stalls we would be spending more time at.

This wasn’t a stationery event but there was at least 10 stalls that was selling stationery and other bits and bobs. The stationery companies that were there were all new to me except A Gift from the Gods (amazing stationery), and all their stationery was AMAZING! 

A Gift from the Gods

My Shining Armour


Would definitely be going next year had an amazing time.

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