Interview with my 8 year old niece

Posted on March 24, 2019

Interviewing my 8 year old niece

Since my niece has been in year 3, she is now very intersted in stationery. She is taking photos and also creating power point presentations about stationery.

I decided to interview her, see below her answers. 

  1. What is your favourite stationery shop?
    1. Smiggle  and WHSmith
  2. If you were stuck on island and you had to choose three stationery items what would they be?
    1. Pen
    2. Notepad
    3. Smelly food rubbers
  3. What are your three favourite pens?
    1. Spy Pens
    2. Gel Pens
    3. Injection pens
  4. What is the best stationery item in Smiggle?
    1. Spy Pen
  5. What is your least favourite stationery item? 
    1. Black pens
  6. What is your least favourite stationery shop?
    1. Matalan
  7. What would I find in your pencil case?
    1. Lots of gel pens
    2. Pencils
    3. Two-four coloured pens
  8. What other stationery shops do you like?
    1. The Works

I am potentially going to hire her as Stationery Aunt's assistant!!


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James 24-03-2019 20:37

Wow great post!

Sophia Darr 28-10-2021 16:23

Wow she is amazing

Sophia Darr 23-12-2021 16:05

Great answers!!

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