Pens Haul from Agadir review

Posted on May 26, 2019

Review about pens!!

I purchased a lot of stationery from Agadir. I rate a pen based on how it makes me feel when I write with it, if it makes me want to keep writing then it is the best pen in the world!


I purchased two different type of Stabilo Pens. The Stabilo performer (blue) was the best pen that I purchased from Agadir, it was lovely to write with and was also nice to hold whilst writing. Very strangely the black ink didn’t feel the same!

10 out of 10

The pack of six pens of Stabilo were also very nice too. They are in between everyday pens and special nice pens!  I liked the metallic casing of the pens and also the colours were very clear and vibrant. I am still not sure if these pens will be going to work with me or staying at home in pens collection!!!

9 out of 10


The Papermate pens had a lovely selection of colours. It was very reasonably priced for ten pens. I also liked the style of the pens, it wasn’t something that I had seen in the UK. I would class these as everyday biros, they didn’t make me want to keep writing. They were the pens that you use to for shopping lists and notes from courses etc.  

7 out of 10


Bic Intensity fine pens. The dark colours were nice and bright but lilac and light blue. They were nice pens and they were the most expensive pens that I purchased from Agadir.  I wouldn’t buy them again and I can’t see myself rushing to use them again.

6 out of 10

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