Pen Licence

Posted on July 21, 2019

My niece got her pen licence

My 8 year old niece got the pen licence at school this year. 

  1. When did you receive the pen licence?  18th July 2019
  2. How hard did you work for it? Very very very hard
  3. What does a pen licence mean for you? It means alot to me.
  4. How did it make you feel when you reiceved it? Very very happy & shocked 
  5. What are you looking most foward to doing now that you have a pen licence? I can use any blue now not the school's one.
  6. Do you now need to go pen shopping? Myabe yes! 
  7. What is your favourite pen? Four colour BIC pen
  8. What shop has the best pens? Smiggle & WHSmiths
  9. What colour ink is the best?In gel pens- purple and normal pens black, red & blue.

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